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My first music review is artist Rae Morris with her endearing debut album Unguarded.

I first discovered Rae on Bombay Bicycle Club’s album ‘So Long See You Tomorrow’ where she featured on it three times. I then confirmed my liking of Rae’s magnificent voice through Spotify, where the single Grow became my favourite song.  You can imagine I was pretty excited to get her album when it was finally released.

With most of the albums I buy I try to get an Amazon Exclusive Signed edition. I was delighted when they had that option for ‘Unguarded’ I preordered this as soon as possible.  Anyway enough of me fan-girling over the album.

Rae describes the album as a personal diary that shares stories and emotions from her life, she says it particularly reflects her around the ages of 17-22. In an interview with she said:

Writing personal songs is a way to go over something again within yourself. It maybe helps get over it.

Morris’ voice has often been compared to a modern-day Kate Bush to a new Ellie Goulding, although these are fair comparisons I feel that she is better than that, the elasticity to her vocal range proves she should be just described as simply Rae Morris in her own right.

The album showcases Morris’ numerous sides of the talented singer. Her first single ‘Don’t Go’ is an example of her pure self striped back to her original style of her and her piano, expressing a melancholy ballad. Another album highlight such as ‘Love Again’ offers a refreshing beat adding a club atmosphere giving an extra dimension to the album. The album also features the musician Fryars in the song ‘Cold’ which compliments Rae’s voice which was an excellent bonus.

My favourite song on the album has to be ‘Do You Even Know?’ which is very intense and different from the rest of the album. This with the song ‘Love Again’ proves that Rae Morris is more than just delicate emotional ballads. The vocals are very powerful and the chorus is very catchy.

At the end of the album you feel you have travelled with Rae and experienced the heart ache and powered through the other end with the song beautiful song ‘This Time’. The album really reflects the title and you get to see Rae’s unguarded vulnerable side.

The decision to leave out the single ‘Grow’ is a questionable decision I think. As I feel its Rae’s best song, but it must have been for a reason and I respect their creative choice (even if it is wrong).

This album is definitely one of the best albums of 2015 so far, for a debut album that is this good will raise questions of will the next one be as good. I can’t wait to find out. In my eyes she is a voice to look out for in the future. In the mean time I urge you to listen to this spell binding album that is ‘Unguarded’ by Rae Morris.


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