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I recently went to King’s Lynn to visit family, whilst I was there I took some photographs. The town had very interesting architecture and a little town centre. It also isn’t very far from Hunstanton (the nearest beach).


The town in King’s Lynn is perfect for street photography, like most towns there were lots of interesting people I observed on this particular day. I rarely practice street photography as I am not very confident with taking photos of people I don’t know.

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I actually really enjoyed it that day, I was taking all the photos at waist height so no one know I was taking the photos. This is also a great experiment in not knowing what you are taking, strengthening your photographic eye and not relying on the camera. The town still had most of their original buildings and many of the shops were shut down making perfect backgrounds for capturing interesting characters.

King’s Lynn has a distinct architectural style, there are lots of interesting buildings and streets that are perfect for any architectural photographer to explore. They also had weird art installations that had no explanations. Below is my favourite, the different tones and textures make it an ideal piece to photograph.


In terms of weather it wasn’t a great day, most of the images that contained sky in shot were overexposed, so I’d have to go back and reshoot for better quality. I would recommend going as it is a nice place and an interesting location for future projects.


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