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English song writer Lianne La Havas has released her second album ‘Blood’. I first saw Lianne La Havas live when she supported Bombay Bicycle Club in 2012. After Lianne’s performance I was hooked to her quirky voice and knew I would love her second album and pre ordered the Amazon Exclusive Signed Edition.

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“Youthful lightness but with Gravitas”

Lianne has moved away from her old sound and has introduced a new element of bass to her music, and a lot of it. The album is a personal and at some times intimate exploration of discovering herself. Her lyrics are poetic and have an elegance to them, combined with the dynamic and precise sound creates a sophisticated album that can not be cloned.

The first single and the first song on the album is ‘Unstoppable’. This is a breezy summer jam, that has a lighthearted bass and a groove that is warming and affirming. The song eases the listener into her complex and layered album. The song ‘Wonderful’ is an example of how amazing Lianne’s voice is, it showcases her at her best, sultry sweet and soothing – what more could you want.

My favourite song from the album is ‘What You Don’t Do’, simply because it is catchy and it is an uptempo track. There are elements of doo-wop and jazz incorporated into this R&B song that just makes you want to sing and dance. It was Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World on June 22nd 2015.

‘Green and Gold’ is a future hit for Lianne La Havas, the Jamaican and Greek backgrounds give this sound a unique blend of style. The classy soul jazz is matched with strong percussive notes making this the highlight of the album. The song is clearly related to her mixed roots and explores her confusion and questions behind her background.

This album is definitely an evolution for Lianne La Havas that has shown her progression as a musician and showing us her excellent vocal range. The mix of soulful, jazz, R&B, Doo-Wop, Reggae, Gospel and rockabilly is a recipe for an elegant and poetic album.


I hope this is the path that Lianne La Havas will progress and become a treasure in the music industry. Can’t wait till her next album, in the mean time I recommend you give Lianne La Havas’ album Blood a listen.


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