Review of Bose Sound True On the Ear Headphones

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A while ago I spontaneously bought a pair of Bose Sound True on the Ear Headphones, I though it would be good to review them today.

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In the box you get the headset, the lead, a case and the instructions.

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The headphones are ‘on the ear’ which is ok but I’ve realised that I don’t get on well with them. Having big ears I struggle getting them in the correct position and never really feel like they are on. This is a personal criticism and I would advise you try all the types of headphones before buying a new pair to make sure you feel comfortable with the type. Overall I like the headsets look and size. It folds up into a small and neat shape.

Along with the headset you get a lead which is nice and long and detachable from the headset. This makes it easier to quickly put away or take out. There is a handy volume control with a pause button in the middle. On the controls there is a mic which works on iPhones but not sure about other smartphones.

The case is quite big but stylish, it has a simple design and I love the blue inside. The case makes it easier to travel with the headphones.

 Sound Quality

I thought the overall sound quality was actually good, being Bose headphones you would expect nothing less.

I did a quick test on a online headphone tester which can give you a rough idea of the sound quality.

Frequency response:

Bass extension – Lowest Frequency 20Hz

Treble extension – Highest Frequency 19Hz

Dynamic Range

54dBFs (decibels below full scale)

Binaural Test

I did this and I actually thought someone was knocking on the door, I turned my head it was so accurate. So they definitely have a good binaural set up.

This test was done by using Audio Check.

Noise Cancelation

With the volume at a normal level I could not hear the tv which was at a high level. However, when there was no music but I still had them on I could hear the TV. As long as I can’t hear background noise when the music is on I don’t mind that the noise cancelation isn’t very good.

Effecting other people

At a reasonable level it is not a problem, there might be some sound leakage but nothing disrupting. However, as you turn it up it quickly becomes annoying for other people around you. This isn’t a problem if you have good hearing, but for me I have to and like to have it at a higher volume than the average. With these headphones I get very self conscious about listening to music in public, this isn’t very good as I listen to music everywhere.

Bose Headphones-7089

Overall I was slightly disappointed, I think the main negative I have is that the ear pieces don’t go on my ear properly. However, that is more my issue than theirs. I think that they are good for listening to music when walking but maybe not on public transport. The sound quality is great but I’m not sure the design really exhibits it very well.  I also wouldn’t recommend them for editing or wearing for a long time, I found myself moving them around a lot. I would recommend over ear headphones instead.

Hope this was helpful


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