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This British singer is by far one of my favourites of 2016. Shura (Alexandra Lilah Denton) debut album Nothing’s Real is a cohesive and well-curated album. An album based on her trails and tribulations of life Shura has created an album to comfort her and her listeners through nostalgia.

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Before we start reviewing the music I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the art that went behind the album. All the designs from the album were created by the very talented Louise Pomeroy and directed by Mat Maitland. I love the style of this artist and had to get a physical copy of the album to fully appreciate the designs, turned out to be a signed version (bonus!).

If the album sounds familiar it is because the whole album is homage to the 80s, cool comanding vocals, ‘Synthy’ disco pop and the classic handclap sounds. The song that makes me want to dance the most is the song ‘What’s it Gonna Be?’ this Synth pop anthem is my favourite track on the album. I love the music video, which has a LGBT+ twist to a classic plot of liking your friend.

Even though nostalgia is mostly comforting there are times where looking back can be painful. My other favourite from the album is the song ‘Touch’ which Shura’s amazing vocals are very compelling. Throughout the album Shura has honest and emotional lyrics that are deeply internal. The songs are often about her loneliness and relationship struggles that we all find relatable.

Shura has really created a diverse, fresh and fun album. It feels like an 80s record which even features the same crackles that you would get on a vinyl. ‘Nothing’s Real’ feels like we have entered the world of Shura and the album is a portal to getting to know the artist. The album even has snippets of audio from home videos, which is an extra detail in the very cohesive album.

My guess is Shura will go on to be a very successful pop artist. All the songs on ‘Nothing’s Real’ are so beautiful that it is obvious that her success will grow. Shura’s is definitely one of my sounds of 2016.

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