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This week I am reviewing Rag’n’Bone Man’s debut album Human. He has already won the Brit’s 2017 Critic’s Choice award and has had a No.2 single in the UK charts with the single that everyone knows – “Human”.

I originally saw Rag’n’Bone Man aka Rory Graham support the brilliant Tom Odell in November last year.


As soon as I got home from the concert I listen to his music and was hooked, I pre-ordered the album there and then.

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Before we talk about the music I wanted to just appreciate the album artwork that went behind the debut album.

The artist behind this magic is Ben Ashton who is a hyper-realist painter. The paintings are full of incredible detail the artist has managed to capture Rory’s soul and personality. Paul Chessell, the artistic director has done an amazing job in curating a beautiful album campaign.

Now onto the music:

There is no doubt that Rory has a classic and soulful voice, it is a fusion of soul, blues, hip-hop and pop brashness. Crafting his sound for 15 years the debut album is definitely worth the wait.

“…sounding like it’s emanating from someone who grew up in the Deep South of 1950s America rather than a rainy British seaside town” NME (2017)

Obviously the hit single “Human” is a song we all know but there are so many other songs on this album that deserve recognition.

“Skin” is destined to be the next hit for Rag’n’Bone Man. It is an unrequited love song containing poetic lyrics, soulful vocals, solid beats and an angelic choir.

Other songs such as “Grace”, “Ego” and “As you are” showcase Rory’s honest grit and pure emotion. My favourite song is “Bitter End”, it is the song that I remembered and loved from the concert.

This alternative album will definitely be one of my sounds of 2017, may Rag’n’Bone Man have many more future hits.

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