Behind the New project: Seeing – Feeling – Believing

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'Seeing - Feeling - Believing' is based on the three organs - the eye, the heart and the brain. 

Looking at the relationship between our organs and how that relates to the process of grieving.

Using old anatomical drawings as a reference I sketched out the designs of each of the pieces using a liquid ink pen. This gave me a solid base for the each of the pieces, I then scanned the three drawings to my computer so I could start adding colour. 

Using Photoshop I used a pale colour palette to fill the pieces with colour. I then used After Effects to create mini animations which featured busy backgrounds and complex shapes to symbolise the chaos and how that is related to each of the organs. For the eye I recreated the floating shapes you sometimes get behind your eyes that make it hard to see. For the heart I drew shards to symbolise broken glass which reflects the way the heart can feel broken. The brain has a series of lighting bolts coming from the organ which reflects a headache and sometimes the pain the brain goes through when thinking.   

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