HomeFoto – The Big Mash Up 2016 with Fotonow CIC


In early 2016 I was the Artistic Director for the Big Mash Up 2016, this was a collaboration with 2nd year Media Arts students at Plymouth University and with Fotonow CIC. This event is annually held at the big screen on the Piazza in Plymouth City Centre. Throughout the project I was in charge of organising the group making sure all the elements were planned and achieved before the event. I also had to make sure the project kept within our theme and maintained our artistic vision.


As a group we decided that this years theme was based around the idea of home. We gave the event a new title, which was:

“HomeFoto: Connecting the Communities of Plymouth.”

We felt the theme was something that we could all relate to in someway or another. The aim of this event was to get the public interacting with the theme and connecting the local residents of Plymouth with the students studying at the University.

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To get the public involved we had a live portrait studio where the public could have their photo taken which would then go onto the big screen. The novelty of this idea attracted lots of people around the town and we encouraged them to write on a whiteboard what home was to them to really engage with the event.

In addition to the big screen we also put up a pop up exhibition that explored the idea of home from the perspective of the people who organised and ran the event. This allowed the public to really consider what home meant to them. Giving a deeper understanding of the idea of home meant that the public where able to engage with us on a much higher level, as well as enjoy the event as they had something to take from it.

Check out what I submitted to the gallery by clicking here.

Overall, the event was a great day and the weather was nice which is crucial for any outdoor event to be successful. I was proud of the team I organised and I feel that I directed a really positive project.

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