For this project as a group we had to experience a Derive in Plymouth and a Derive in Berlin. Our group decided to document the Derive through a collage of all our images. We looked at Movie Barcodes for inspiration this is a technique where the film is split up into stills and combined in one large image shown below.


Deadpool (2016)


Andy Directed this project as he had a clear artistic vision for the project. On the left is our piece from Plymouth and the one on the Right is our piece from Berlin. The piece was called PLYLIN as it was a combination of the two cities names and fitted with our work. All of the pixels are from our own photos we took individually on our Derives.

During this work I simply contributed to the piece and did not direct the project in any way. It was good to just be creative and not have to manage the group. The concept behind the project was different for each of the artists involved. The project for me was to document my walks from my perspective and make each picture represent how quickly I see things that catch my attention. I struggle to stand still to take pictures so on walks I tend not to take photos, as they turn out blurry. For this project I embraced the blurry outcomes as the photos still documented the walk. I tried to spend very little time in framing and taking my images as I felt it was more important to see the subjects in real life and appreciate them in the real world.

Our work was in our Universities exhibition for this module. The Berlin piece became the poster image for the exhibition, which was a huge honor to represent a really good exhibition. Our work was printed quite big and was put up near the entrance so it was one of the first pieces that the public saw.