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For my project “What is Home?” I decided to make a book that would complement my final pictures. I thought about making my own book but felt that I couldn’t produce a quality book in the time frame I had. Instead I was advised to try Blurb – a company who makes books for you. I was very concerned with the idea as I wasn’t sure of the outcome and whether it would arrive on time or not. I decided to go for it and create my book for the project, this blog post is a review of how I got on.

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When using Blurb the first thing you have to do is choose the size of the book and the style you want (basically how much you are willing to pay). As I was unsure of what the quality would be I chose the smallest book, this meant that if I wasn’t happy with it I wouldn’t have wasted a lot of money. I also decided that my book should be square as my images ranged from portrait to landscape so a square book would have made them all the same. Once I had decided what size and style I could then move onto the layout of the book.

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To design your book’s layout you have the option to use their software or transfer a ready made book that you have designed through other software such as Adobe InDesign. I used Blurb’s software to edit my book and found it very easy to use. The software called Bookify was quite simple, I just had to upload all the photos and drop them where I wanted. I was able to have different layouts for each page and make the book look exactly how I wanted it to look.

I decided to layout the book in chapters, having the different homes as the chapters. To do this I created title pages before each chapter, this made it clear when the house changed. Throughout the book I made sure all the font was small as many of today’s photographic books contain very small text to allow the pictures to stand out.

After having the final layout of the book I was then able to order the book, the company deliver the book within 11 days so I had plenty of time. Before you confirm your order you have to decide what paper and what cover you want the book to have. I decided to have slightly better quality paper and a hardcover to give the book a professional finish.

(excuse the poor quality photos of the book)

Overall I am very happy with the outcome of using Blurb.  They delivered the book early and safely. The quality of the book was excellent and was very happy with how it looked. I would definitely use the company again with any further photographic books.


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