Supermoon lunar eclipse 2015

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For those who didn’t know or were probably sleeping there was a lunar eclipse on monday morning (28th October) around 3.00am. This eclipse coincided with a rare blood moon where the moon had a red hue to it. I spontaneously stayed up and took photos of the moon. The amazing sight was beautiful and I was lucky that it was clear night to see it. The next ‘supermoon’ eclipse we will see won’t be until 2033. I thought I would share the process and the photos I took that morning.

Supermoon - 7610

I initially got the times wrong for the eclipse and waited a while and decided to go in and get warmer clothes and relax for a bit. This meant I got distracted and missed the beginning of the eclipse and wasn’t set up properly. I used a Canon 650D with a 75-300mm zoom lens to take the photos allowing me to get a close shot. I started to take photos without a tripod but soon found that the moon needed a long exposure and meant the photos were blurry.

Once I got my tripod and my remote control shutter release I was then able to play around with the exposure to get the correct ratio. Throughout the shoot I was consistently checking that the moon was in shot and readjusting the camera to get the perfect composition. The moon moves quite fast and meant I had to move the camera many times. It was also important to keep checking the moon was in focus, as it was very dark there was no point putting the camera in auto-focus and so the camera had to be set to manual focus.

Once getting the right composition and exposure I could enjoy the moon slowly transform into a red moon that looked like it was from a sci-fi film.








I am glad that I went out and made the decision to take photos of the moon, I am very pleased with the outcome.

I would love to do more sky photography, maybe looking into star trails could be a fun future project.

In 2033 I encourage you all to try and take photos of the next ‘supermoon’!


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